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Real Results for Real People
Boom Fitness was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing our customers with affordable, quality fitness. We are locally owned and family run and we care about your health and well-being as our top priority.
Group Fitness Classes

Boom Fitness provides a very unique and unbeatable class line up! Part of our results-driven approach is to provide excellent classes in multiple formats. Most gyms only offer one major class format, we offer 3!

Classes include:

  • Spin Classes
  • HIIT Classes
  • CrossFit Classes
  • Powerfit Classes
  • Yoga Classes
  • Zumba, Dance and Salsa Classes
CrossFit Explosion
CrossFit Explosion is uniquely located adjacent to Boom Fitness our partner company. What this means to you is with your CrossFit Explosion membership you get 24-hour access to Boom Fitness as well! This helps us provide you with a level of amenities and professionally run programs unparalleled in the industry.
Memberships to Fit Your Life
  • Investing in your health and fitness doesn’t have to be expensive! With memberships starting at $9.95/month, we have options to meet everyone’s lifestyle and budget including:
    • Basic Membership with gym access for $9.95/month.
    • Elite Access including group fitness classes and 24/7 access for $19.95/month.
    • Ultimate Membership with full-club access and HIIT Classes for $49.95/month.
    • CrossFit Explosion Membership with access to all group and CrossFit classes and 24/7 gym access for $119.95/month. *It’s like having two memberships in one!

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This gym is incredible!

I’m a member here and the physical trainers are amazing! They also have lots of classes like CrossFit, Pilates, spin, yoga, and Zumba. I would strongly recommend this gym and its staff to provide you with all your fitness needs!

Brady Fielding

Boom Fitness