What’s your Occupation?

I work at Boom Fitness and CrossFit Explosion in member services for nearly 2 years.


Who’s your favorite superhero?

I would have to say Batman, he always had such cool alternate depictions in my opinion.


What’s your favorite food?

All the food!  But if it boils down to one… a well-made Philly Cheesesteak or Chicken Parmigiana


What are your goals?

Goals change all the time, I came in with no goals pretty much ever, so I take them as they come one at a time.  Right now, my goal is to place higher than the 57th percentile in Octobers CrossFit open.


What’s kept you motivated?

Honestly, it’s been harder, life gives you obstacles whether you choose them or not, and I’ve had a lot of both lately.  The best motivation I have with this happening is my coach Nick. I have plenty of words and phrases to tell myself, but nothing gets me back on track quite like Mr. Swole.


What do you like to do outside of the gym?

I like to play games, play with my new puppy <3, and find new things to do!  I used to be a hermit and stay inside a lot, so I have spent a lot of time exploring what new fun and exciting things I like to do!


What’s the greatest fitness challenge you’ve faced so far?

Each day is more challenging than the last, so tomorrow is always the greatest challenge.  But weight wise, my 225 clean and jerk was also tough!


What’s your biggest fitness accomplishment since you started training?

I grew in all senses of the word.  Weight, muscle, mentally, I’m much more resilient to life and all it throws my way.  My mental state has been the biggest accomplishment, even though that’s not very quantitative, I notice it.


What’s your favorite movement or exercise?

That’s a lot!  I love snatches… I love ring work and I love handstand walking!


What music do you like to train to?
I never really cared!  If music is playing, I zone it out anyways.  But if I choose its rap and dubstep!  


What advice would you give to new gym goers or yourself?

Don’t get stuck in the now for your training.  Enjoy your victories no matter how small and learn from your mistakes no matter how big.  Just remember every time you try and every time you go and workout, every time your body mind and soul thank you even if you can’t see it immediately!


What advice would you give yourself when you first started?

TAKE PICTURES, see the amazing changes you can make! 😛


What do you think of your personal trainer here at Boom?

I’d wholeheartedly love to be sarcastic!  But, he’s great. I’ve built a relationship with Nick to where I can’t imagine what I’d even feel about training with anyone else… There’s too much to explain! He leads by example and no matter what I always feel compelled to do better.