What’s your occupation?      Self employed, eCommerce, buy/sell online


What are your goals?      Keep lower back, knees, hips healthy. Improve posture.


What’s kept you motivated?      Developing a routine. Seeing progress, even if just a little.


What do you like to do outside of the gym?     Yoga 3x/week, play soccer, barbershop singer, Tualatin Rotary 

What’s the greatest fitness challenge you’ve faced so far?      Staying motivated


What’s your biggest fitness accomplishment since you started training?     Going 3x/week


What’s your favorite movement or exercise?     Don’t have one


What music do you like to train to?    The music at Boom is OK


What advice would you give to new gym goers or yourself?   Start with a trainer. Be specific about what parts of the body to focus on. Learn to do things safely. Learn the whole whole gym:  body weight exercises, resistance, free weights and machines. Keep a log. Have trainer write down logical daily exercise groups. Don’t be intimidated by the body building gym thing. There’s a wide range of ages and abilities, both men and women.


What advice would you give yourself when you first started?   Figure out how to make this activity enjoyable and fit into an already busy life.  Work hard enough to see results. Don’t make it so hard that I’ll hate it and quit going.  Keep showing up.


What do you think of your personal trainer here at Boom?  I’ve never had a trainer before, so can’t compare to others, but I think Casey is a great fit for me. He is knowledgeable about anatomy and how to isolate muscles/muscle groups with the tools in the gym to work towards the specific outcomes. He knows how hard to push to make progress without making me hate it. He walks the talk:  works out on his own time and has a body that shows what can be done when knowledge is applied to work.