“After a spontaneous patella dislocation, tearing my quad and a couple of ruptured ligaments in November 2017 (with surgery in January 2018) the recovery process had been slow but mostly steady– except for the quad muscle. I know progress isn’t straightforward but I didn’t expect so many plateaus for my quad muscle strength.

Up until two weeks ago, I didn’t have the muscle strength to jump or get my toes off the ground, and I wondered if I did how I would be able to land. Would it give out? How much would it hurt? Jumping rope with any type of consistency wasn’t even on my radar, let alone the 2020 goal list. Ultimately my knee just wasn’t ready for it… yet. (If you train with Ryan you know his spiel on the power of the word “yet”)

So you can imagine my surprise when in one week I went from not jumping at all, to jumping (inch or two vertical) and jump roping without pain but most importantly without any fear.

Working with Ryan has changed the way I’ve approached post-surgery/knee and gym training. I know I have limitations but that doesn’t stop him from challenging me to set higher goals and a constant reminder that just because I can’t do it right now doesn’t mean I can’t do it in the future. Not only is he helping set goals and programming my workouts to meet said goals but he truly does support and celebrate all the victories big and small.

My mantra for the last 26 months and a daily reminder for anyone working through plateaus or injury, slow progress is still progress.”

From the Trainer: So proud of Bri and all the work she’s put in to get where she is. She’s made so much progress, and I don’t see her slowing down any time soon! Great work!