What’s your occupation? I am an aspiring law student.

 Who’s your favorite superhero?  Iron Man, mostly because I like to watch Robert Downey Jr.

What’s your favorite food? Anything hot and spicy, usually Thai.

What are your goals?  To be as healthy as possible while building muscle and reducing fat.

What’s kept you motivated? Seeing and feeling the results of a consistent program.

What do you like to do outside of the gym? I love to cook, travel, read and spend time with my friends and family.
What’s the greatest fitness challenge you’ve faced so far?  I had to recover from breast cancer which included surgery, radiation and medications that tested my strength for many months.

What’s your biggest fitness accomplishment since you started training?  12 weeks prior to a November surgery, I set the goal of going into the procedure being as strong as possible.  In that time, I had weight loss, but the best outcome was a body fat reduction from 32% down to 25%.

What’s your favorite movement or exercise? Any movement that reminds me of how strong I am.

What music do you like to train to?  Eminem makes me feel like I’m in beast-mode.

What advice would you give to new gym-goers or yourself? Trust the process, trust the trainers, trust yourself and keep coming back.

What advice would you give yourself when you first started? It’s not forever, but it is for today.  It’s all hard at first, but the stronger you get, the better you feel, and good health becomes a gift you give yourself.

What do you think of your personal trainer here at Boom?  I think that we owe it to ourselves to continue to learn and be open to coaching throughout our lives.  Nick has been a coach to me for many years, and I continue to learn from him.  He holds me accountable to the goals we set together by sending me workouts through True Coach, asking me about my nutrition adherence on RP, taking measurements regularly, and overall just paying attention to what my goals are and how I’m working every day to achieve them.  Nick brings a high level of energy to his personal training sessions as well as to the overall environment of the gym.  I respect him as a person and as a professional coach and appreciate his investment in me and my ongoing quest for good health.