Hayley is a Rockstar client that started working with Trainer Michelle over the last year. She is an active member of the HIIT community as well as a student at PCC. She is enthusiastic and ambitious, always willing to put in work!

1. Tell us a little about your fitness journey:
My fitness journey began with little prior knowledge of how to use weights and not enjoying working out. I have a new found love for weight training and the enjoyment of the HIIT classes. I’ve lost a few pounds and inches along the way and I am looking forward to seeing where my fitness journey takes me. 

2. What has been your biggest success so far?
My biggest success so far has been hitting the 100lb mark on my deadlift as well as losing approximately 15lb from my starting weight 

3. What factors do you think contributed the most to your success?
A few contributing factors to my success has been my willingness to want a healthy change, the support of those around me, as well as my personal goals I have written down.  

4. What are your plans moving forward to continue in this success?
My plan to continue to move forward with my success is to continue surrounding myself with my supportive friends and family and work hard to obtain my goals.