Written by Hector Alcayde, Boom Fitness CrossFit Head Coach

Hey have you ever of CrossFit?” The first rule about CrossFit is to never stop talking about it. But why? What is this fitness trend that has every CrossFitter so amped about? I mean, they’re in a good mood talking about it, and they really want you to go with them to their “box” for the next partner WOD (Workout of the Day), so why not give it a shot? If you’re bored with your regular routine, it’s worth a shot to change things up. Here are 7 reasons why you should try CrossFit and just give in to all the talk!


  1. It’s challenging and you will work harder

Let’s face it, we’re all afraid to step out of our comfort zone, and the truth is that getting out of that zone is where we will grow the most. The workouts you will be doing in CrossFit will challenge you physically and mentally. You’re going to be working out with people around you of all different fitness levels and they will push you to make sure that you’re working hard as well.


  1. Variety in your workouts

Every CrossFit class you take, you’ll notice that the workouts are not like your average gym routine which will make your workouts more fun than what you have been doing. There is structure and variety to the movements, sets, reps, and duration of every workout. You’ll be doing things that you never thought about incorporating into a workout like overhead squats, running a 5K, handstand push-ups, throwing medicine balls at a target, and double under jump roping. And on top of all those movements, doing them for a certain amount of time, or completing a certain amount as fast as you can. All these things can change depending on the day to give you a different intended stimulus and training adaptation. And if you’ve heard the saying that there are only 20-25 movements in CrossFit that don’t really change, trust me, there are much more than that and you probably won’t see the same workout again until your instructor wants to retest anything.


  1. Community-driven

Aside from the variety to your workouts, you’re going to meet new people and friends in your classes and make new friends. Most people you meet may have different goals, some will have the same as yours, but one common goal everyone will share is to become better versions of themselves. You’ll be suffering together and share the reward of completing the workout. No one is done with the workout until the last person is. Community is what it’s all about here. Why celebrate climbing the top of a mountain when there’s no one up there to kick it up there with you? Before you know it, you’ll be going on hikes with each other, picking up a few games of golf, and barbecuing at each other’s houses.


  1. Your coach

Have you ever done an exercise that you just had no idea how to perform, or even understand what it’s supposed to feel like? “I saw this guy do it on Instagram! Although I have this mirror in front of me to see what I’m doing, it doesn’t look close to what he was showing me in the video… He said my glutes should be on fire, but I feel it more in my knees… Alright, I’m stopping this. I’m just gonna go do some bicep curls.” It happens to us all, and there is no shame in that. Your CrossFit classes will have instructors there to take you through the entire workout from start to finish, showing you how to perform the movements correctly/safely, and what muscle groups will be working to complete it. No more guessing!


  1. Workouts are infinitely scalable

When you take your first few classes, you will notice that there some movements that you never thought were possible to even attempt. Heck, I remember my first time reading a workout with handstand push-ups. “Are you kidding me? You want me upside down, lower my head to the ground, and then press myself back up?! Challenge accepted” … and not to my surprise, I could not do it. But my coach helped me regress the movement down to what we call a pike press where you place your feet on a box, and you get into your handstand position and perform the movement like that to lessen the amount of weight that I needed to press. After weeks of practicing the pike press, I was able to gain the strength and confidence to perform a handstand push-up! So, if there is anything that you can’t do safely in a workout, your instructor will modify it down to something that you can do and still obtain the intended training adaption.


  1. You will see RESULTS


If you commit yourself to regular attendance, follow your coach’s instructions, eat well, work hard, and be consistent, you will see results. Your strength and endurance will improve. You’ll have better body composition and overall confidence. You’re going to notice that the small things in life become a lot easier like getting up from the couch, not being as exhausted on a hike, and holding your kids without worrying about hurting your back. All your work in the gym will add up in little victories.


  1. It’s for EVERYONE!

Anyone can do it! Whether you’re a starting athlete, experienced, young or old, there is a class that will accommodate all levels of fitness. If you’ve ever thought “I’m just not fit enough to hop into a CrossFit class,” don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere. If you are a beginning athlete, you will probably be starting off with lighter weights until your technique gets better and become consistent with it. Some gyms even offer foundational classes that focus on dialing down on the basics. If you specialize in any specific sport, CrossFit can be a great supplement to your program to make sure that all other aspects of fitness are addressed.