Boom Fitness Bridgeport Trainers

  • Ashleigh Small
    Ashleigh SmallPersonal Trainer

    • Chance Miles
      Chance MilesPersonal Trainer


      • B.S.– Strength Conditioning & Nutrition, Tabor College
      • NCSF, Personal Trainer
      • NEST, Personal Trainer
      • PFT

      Area of Expertise: 

      • Muscle Hypertrophy & Strength Performance Training
      • Weight Loss & Nutrition
      • Flexibility, Range of Motion & Corrective Exercise
      • Speed & Agility Training

      Personal Philosophy: “To create a fun and learning environment where my client is pushed to 100% of their potential so they can achieve maximum results.”

      • Eric Bernhardt
        Eric BernhardtPersonal Trainer

        • Gary Engzlgau
          Gary EngzlgauPersonal Trainer

          • Grant Nelson
            Grant NelsonFitness Manager/Personal Trainer


            • National Personal Training Institute
            • USAW Sport Performance Coach
             Area of Expertise: 
            • Corrective Exercises
            • Functional Training
            • Postural Movement Analysis

            Personal Philosophy: “Every person and situation is unique, there is no one size fits all.”

            • Hunter Macdowell
              Hunter MacdowellPersonal Trainer

              • Jessica Stewardt
                Jessica StewardtPersonal Trainer

                • Kaylie Klitzing
                • Marlow Mings