Boom Fitness Beaverton Trainers

  • Ashley Jacobs
    Ashley JacobsPersonal Trainer

    • Ethan Morrow
      Ethan MorrowFitness Manager / Personal Trainer

      • Jenna Reed
        Jenna ReedPersonal Trainer

        • Johny Sante
          Johny SantePersonal Trainer

          • Kiara Holtman
            Kiara HoltmanPersonal Trainer

            • Nicholas Lewis
              Nicholas LewisPersonal Trainer

              • Salve Gorman
                Salve Gorman Group Ex Manager / Personal Trainer


                • Pilates Allegro (Reformer)
                • Mat Pilates
                • Kick Boxing
                • Cycling
                • Yoga
                • Step
                • Straight Up Strength
                • Sports Conditioning

                Area of Expertise: 

                • Strength Training
                • Core Training
                • Flexibility
                • Weight Loss
                • Nutrition
                • Endurance Training

                Personal Philosophy: “Every person is unique with respect to goals, state of health, motivation and genetic potential. Therefore, I take all these factors into consideration and design specific fitness programs to give my clients exactly what they are looking for.”

                • Sydney Bricker
                  Sydney BrickerPersonal Trainer

                  • Victoria Patterson
                    Victoria PattersonPersonal Trainer